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Percival P3 Gull Six Postcard

Old Postcards showing classic aircraft of the past.

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This part of Classic Wheels contains scans of original postcards with an aviation theme to them, dating from way back when the Wright Brothers took their first tentative airborne hops, right through to Concorde, one of the few things we in the UK could be proud of (now sadly reduced to a silent relic in museums).

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Below is an original postcard, titled 'Percival P3 Gull Six'.

This is postcard # 31 in this collection of aviation cards.

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More Information on this Percival P3 Gull Six aeroplane postcard:

A very 1950/60s postcard issued by a company at Biggin Hill, showing a Percival Gull, 'Jean'. The nacelle features information on various record breaking timed flights undertaken in this aircraft. Times featured are 1935 England to Brazil in 2 days 13.5 hours, 1936 England to Australia in 5 days 21 hours, England to New Zealand 11 days 4 hours, and finally 1937 Australia to England 5 days 13 hours. The cars in the background date this postcard to sometime in the mid 1960s, with example of Mini van, HA Viva, Ford Corsair, Beetle, 103E Pop, A35 and more all in attendance. A search on the net tells how G-ADPR was donated to the Shuttleworth Trust in 1961, which is probably where it was seen here, and was operated by Jean Batten, a renowned NZ aviator. It was bought by Auckland International Airport in the late 90s and now hangs in their foyer.

(Image #31) Classic Percival P3 Gull Six

Percival P3 Gull Six


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