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Triumph Herald Van.

A readers story about their fathers rare Herald Courier van.

Sent in by Gerry, the story and photos of his dad's Herald van, bought secondhand in 1964 and still owned by his father.

This is the story of a rare member in the Heralds family:

"Living in London and working nearby my father had no use for a car. But in 1962 he decided to take his driving test and was pleased to pass first time, but did he really want a car. Well as the family was growing he decided to shop around.

Herald Courier van

In the summer of 1964 he came across a used Triumph Herald Courier Van, the original owner from Essex was selling it and it was the car my father wanted. A fold down rear seat to fit all his tools in and room enough for touring with the whole family.

Rare Herald Courier van bought used in 1964

It was my dad's pride and joy and was proudly polished every week and every scratch carefully inspected, mulled over, then painted and buffed. He drove the car from 1964 to 1986 and went everywhere in the UK. It was perfect for him and mum for sleeping in on those wet camping days, as they could comfortably fit in 2 sleeping bags side by side with the rear seat down. As I grew older I was allowed to drive the car but no drinking was allowed not even a pint and extreme caution was used when borrowing it. I'm not sure who was more nervous me or my father.

In 1986 after putting on 82,000 miles my father decided to retire the car to the garage. It was waxed and oiled then covered with a breathable cover.

Every once in a while the cover was removed, the car was polished up and re-oiled then put back to hibernate again. The car still has very little rust, the inside is immaculate and the engine with a little work would soon take on the motorways again.

With the use of internet we started to research the van, and was surprised to read that it's quite rare with possibly only 5,000 or so produced. Complete with original registration plates my father has decided to sell it, but we know when it goes that it will be missed."

Herald Courier van

October 2004.

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