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Austin A40 Farina Mk1

Mk1 Austin A40 in the USA.

A semi-derelict early Mk1 A40.

Thanks to Ryan for sending these great photos in, a rare early Mk1 A40 which has sat in this position for the last 30+ years:

Mk1 A40s are getting thin on the ground now, and this one is especially interesting as it is a lefthand drive example of the very earliest of A40 Farinas, ie those with the flying A badge incorporated within the bonnet chrome trim. This is a rare machine indeed, and it'd be nice if a home could be found for it. The car is approx 1hr from Indianapolis (Lafayette).

Austin A40 Farina Mk1 Do you have a photo of an old family car that you'd like identified? If I can tell you what it is, I will, and I'll include it on this site, otherwise I'll post a copy of the unidentified image and see if someone calling by can help out. If you have a great old photo and are willing to share it with visitors to this site, even if you already know what the vehicle is, then please email it to me via the contact me page. Thanks!

Austin A40 Farina Mk1 seen in semi-derelict condition
A40 Farina Mk1


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