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The grille of this unusual vintage car

What is this unusual vintage motorcar?

Is it a Sunbeam, a Wolseley? or perhaps a taxi hire car?

Don sent in these 2 photographs of an early 20th century car.

He thinks it may have been taken in the Wirral/Liverpool area, probably around 1910 in date, and wonders what this unusual car might be.

I've had a read in a few books, and it looks like it may be have been used at one time as a hire (taxi) car. Can anyone advise or shed any light on this mystery motorcar? At first I thought it may be a Sunbeam, but recent correspondence (further down this page) suggests it could be a Wolseley..?

Thanks to Don for allowing these pics to be reproduced here!

Do you have a photo of an old family car that you'd like identified? If I can tell you what it is, I will, and I'll include it on this site, otherwise I'll post a copy of the unidentified image and see if someone calling by can help out. If you have a great old photo and are willing to share it with visitors to this site, even if you already know what the vehicle is, then please email it to me via the contact me page. Thanks!

Mystery vintage car photograph

A 2nd photograph taken over 80 years ago of a motorcar

Update November 2005
Peter in Australia got in touch - he thinks we're looking at a Wolseley..
"..Your mystery car is not a Sunbeam. The radiator shape - especially the upper part - is too angular and the wire wheels are not of the type Sunbeam was using at that time. If I were a betting person my money would be on Wolseley - the radiator's the giveaway."

Thanks Peter, can anyone expand on what model of Wolseley is in this picture??

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