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1950s Commer Two stroke TS3 tractor unit

Old Commer artic photograph in the archive at Classic Wheels

This is one of 900+ images in the Classic Wheels transport photo archive (artic section).
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The Commer shown below is in restored condition. This Two stroke TS3 tractor unit is blue with red wings, and is a artic of the type popular in the 1950s era.

If you're interested in classic Commer vehicles, don't forget to have a look around the rest of this old transport website as you'll find more about Commer, in addition to this restored Two stroke TS3 tractor unit from the artic section. Further down is a list of Commer Two stroke TS3 tractor unit items for sale on ebay today.

This is photograph No.57 in this archive of classic and vintage vehicle photos.

More Information on this classic Two stroke TS3 tractor unit:

The 2 stroke TS3 engined Commer made a very distinctive sound and is a popular visitor to old vehicle shows in the UK. Note the underslung and substantial exhaust assembly hanging in a vulnerable position under the front bumper

Classic artic - 1950s Commer

Commer Two stroke TS3 tractor unit image, restored in blue with red wings
If you are particularly interested in this, the Two stroke TS3 tractor unit built by Commer, the items below may be of interest, all of which are listed currently on eBay and available to bid on. Please note that they are sorted with those auctions ending soonest shown first. For this reason, please call by again to keep an eye on what's coming up and available to bid on.

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