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Mystery Cars Identified at Classic Wheels.

1930s Vale Special sportscar.

Alun emailed these photos over, wondering what the car was that featured in these photos with his parents? A bit of digging revealed that this was a Vale Special, a rare sportscar built in Maida Vale in the early thirties.

Now if I could find one of these in a dusty shed today, I'd be very happy about it :-)

Thanks to Alun in Manchester for ok'ing the publication of these 2 great old photos on the classic wheels website.

Vale Special photograph

Do you have a photo of an old family car that you'd like identified? If I can tell you what it is, I will, and I'll include it on this site, otherwise I'll post a copy of the unidentified image and see if someone calling by can help out. If you have a great old photo and are willing to share it with visitors to this site, even if you already know what the vehicle is, then please email it to me via the contact me page. Thanks!

Another great old photo, this one touched in with colour, showing Aluns dad's Vale Special


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