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Listed below are several hundred images of classic cars, trucks, coaches, and motoring scenes at Classic Wheels. Restoring old vehicles is a huge undertaking for any owner, and the gallery below wouldn't be possible without the amazing lengths that enthusiasts go to, often on a limited budget, to restore their cherished classic to roadworthiness. Please note that no photo is to be reproduced elsewhere in any form, or linked to directly from another website. Please just enjoy kicking the tyres of all the vintage cars and other classics below, as a tribute to their owners!

Updated November 2004. There are now 919 images in this archive, which is split across 3 pages. This page contains old cars and other vehicles whose manufacturer begin with A-I, Page 2 contains makes J-R and Page 3 makes S-Z.

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AC boat tail tourer
AC Cobra 289
AC Cobra 289 road car
AEC Mammoth Major
AEC Monarch tanker
AEC Reliance
AEC tanker
Albion 3 ton flatbed
Albion Clydesdale cement mixer
Albion lorry
Albion lorry with tarpaulin
Albion Shell-Mex tanker
Albion tanker in Bulwark colours
Alfa Romeo Bimotore
Alfa Romeo GTV
Alfa Romeo Spider
Alfa Romeo Spider kamm tail
Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3 Monoposto
Allard V8
Allis Chalmers tractor
Alvis radiator
Alvis sports saloon
Alvis Stalwart
Alvis Stalwart amphibian
Alvis TD21
Alvis tourer
Armstrong Siddeley saloon
Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire limousine
Ashley 1172 coupe
Aston Martin DB V8
Aston Martin DB2
Aston Martin DB2 FHC
Aston Martin DB4 GT
Aston Martin DB6
Aston Martin DBR1
Aston Martin DBR1 in black and white
Aston Martin DBS
Aston Martin DBS V8
Aston Martin Ulster
Atkinson flatbed lorry
Austin 6
Austin 1800
Austin 10 Filette
Austin 1100 body sample
Austin 12 Gordon saloon
Austin 12hp
Austin 1800 landcrab
Austin 7 box
Austin 7 box saloon
Austin 7 Cabrio
Austin 7 Cabrio drives by
Austin 7 Cabriolet
Austin 7 canvas top pickup
Austin 7 drives by
Austin 7 drophead
Austin 7 Opal tourer
Austin 7 pickup
Austin 7 Ruby
Austin 7 Ruby rear view
Austin 7 Ruby saloon
Austin 7 saloon car
Austin 8hp
Austin A30 2dr
Austin A30 Convertible
Austin A30 Convertible prototype
Austin A35
Austin A35 2dr
Austin A35 2dr rear
Austin A35 nsf view
Austin A35 pickup
Austin A35 van in blue
Austin A35 van in Thornycroft colours
Austin A35 van with roofrack
Austin A35 with visor
Austin A40 Devon commercial
Austin A40 Devon pickup rear photograph
Austin A40 Devon van
Austin A40 Farina Mk1
Austin A40 Farina Mk1 Countryman
Austin A40 Farina Mk1 front
Austin A40 Farina Mk1 in red
Austin A40 Farina Mk1 nsf
Austin A40 Farina Mk2 front
Austin A40 Farina Mk2 nsf
Austin A40 Farinas
Austin A40 Mk1 Countryman
Austin A40 Somerset
Austin A40 Somerset 1200cc
Austin A40 Sports
Austin A60 pickup
Austin A60 van
Austin A70
Austin A90 Atlantic
Austin A90 Atlantic coupe
Austin A95 Westminster
Austin Allegro 2dr
Austin Allegro 3
Austin Allegro 3 4dr
Austin Allegro VDP
Austin Ambassador
Austin Ambulance scene
Austin Champ
Austin Gipsy fire appliance
Austin forward control
Austin Gypsy
Austin Gypsy ambulance
Austin K Series tanker
Austin K2 recovery truck
Austin K9 flatbed
Austin K9 recovery
Austin Loadstar flatbed
Austin Loadstar horsebox
Austin Maxi rally car
Austin Metropolitan
Austin Metropolitan rear view
Austin Mini Clubman
Austin Mini Mk1 saloon
Austin Mini van
Austin Minor 1000 van
Austin Series 3 K9 Cargo
Austin Sheerline
Austin Sheerline limo
Austin Six grille view
Austin Six temperature gauge
Austin Six woodie estate
Austin Six woodie rear view
Austin Sixteen
Austin tourer
Austin Westminster front photo
Austin Westminster rally car 1
Austin Westminster rally car 2
Austin Westminster rear view
Austin Healey 3000
Auto Union Dinky toy
Beardmore taxi
Bedford 30cwt side tipper
Bedford 30cwt side tipper rear view
Bedford 30cwt truck
Bedford 5 ton tanker
Bedford CA camper
Bedford CA campervan
Bedford CA Dormobile
Bedford CA early van
Bedford CA minibus rear view
Bedford CA panel van
Bedford CA splitscreen minibus
Bedford CA van
Bedford coach
Bedford J2 recovery
Bedford J-Type pickup
Bedford mobile canteen
Bedford Mobile wine bar
Bedford NAAFI stores van
Bedford O Series ambulance
Bedford O Series dropside with crane
Bedford O Series tanker
Bedford O Series truck with canvas
Bedford OB coach
Bedford OB Duple coach
Bedford OB Duple coach back end
Bedford OB Duple coach front view
Bedford OB Duple rear view
Bedford OY chassis cab
Bedford OY flatbed
Bedford OY tipper
Bedford RL 4x4
Bedford RL with canvas tilt
Bedford S series van
Bedford TK Army lorry
Bedford TK chassis
Bedford TK falls apart slowly
Bedford TK recovery wagon
Bedford TK tipper
Bedford TK tractor unit with trailer
Bedford truck
Bedford WHG tipper
Bentley Blower
Bentley Blower alongside a new Continental
Bentley Blower back end
Bentley coachbuilt saloon
Bentley Continental
Bentley Continental
Bentley Continental
Bentley Continental coachbuilt
Bentley Speed 8 Le Mans
Bentley vintage sports
BMC J2 breakdown recovery
BMC J2 campers
BMC Mini racing car transporter
BMW 2002
BMW 2002 Cabrio
BMW 635CSi
BMW 635CSi
BMW Isetta
BMW Isetta bubble car
BMW Isetta bubble car in the rain
Bond 875 3 wheeler
Bond Equipe
Bond Mark G
Bond Mark G back end
Bond Mini Car
Bristol 403
Bristol 403 bonnet
Bristol 411 Series 4
Bristol Dinky toy
BSA 10hp
Buick McLaughlin Century dashboard and interior
Buick McLaughlin Century rear view
Buick McLaughlin Century Straight 8
Buick McLaughlin Century straight eight
Buick saloon
Buick Skylark
Buick Skylark rear view
Case Model L tractor
Chevrolet Pickup
Chevrolet Pickup truck
Chevrolet truck
Chevrolet truck dashboard
Chevrolet truck in pieces
Chevy Corvette racer
Chevy Corvette rear view
Chevy Pickup
Chrysler 180
Citroen ID19 rally car
Citroen Pickup
Citroen Traction Avant
Citroen Traction Avant LHD
Clyno Royal Tourer
Clyno Royal Tourer osf
Commer Cob
Commer Fire engine
Commer Recovery truck
Commer Superpoise flatbed
Commer transporter
Commer Two stroke TS3 tractor unit
Connaught Type A
Connaught Type A single seater
Cooper behind a tow truck
Cooper Bristol
Crossley 4 seater tourer
Crossley four light saloon
Crossley half cab coach
Crossley radiator badge
Crossley radiator badge and gauge
Crossley tourer
Cub Cadet garden tractor
Cyclemaster Powered cycle
Daimler DF402 Sportsman
Daimler limousine
Daimler Majestic
Daimler saloon
Daimler SP250
Daimler SP250 Dart
Daimler SP250 Dart BRG
Daimler SP250 engine bay
Daimler SP250 V8
Datsun 120Y
Datsun 120Y 4 door
David Brown 950 series
David Brown 950 tractor
David Brown aircraft tug
David Brown Cropmaster
David Brown Cropmaster tractor
Delage saloon
Delage saloon grille
Dennis Charabanc
Dennis coach
Dennis fire engine
Diamond T Army recovery
Diamond T Army truck
Diamond T dropside lorry on display
Diamond T lorry grille
Dodge Ambulance
Dodge dropside lorry
Dodge Kew 105
Dodge Kew series lineup
Dodge Kew series swb
Dodge recovery truck
Dodge WC Ambulance
Dodge Weapons carrier
Dodge Weapons carrier front
Dragster XK Jaguar engine
ERF Co-op tanker
ERF Removals van
Falcon Caribbean
Falcon Caribbean special
Ferguson TE-20
Ferguson TE-20 drivers view
Ferguson TE-20 Fergie
Ferguson TE-20 tractor
Ferrari 250 SWB
Ferrari 308 GT4
Fiat 500
Fiat 124 Spider
Fiat 124 Spider rear
Fiat 500 bubble
Fiat X19
Field Marshall diesel tractor
Field Marshall tractor
Ford 100E dumped in a forest
Ford 100E engine bay
Ford 103E Popular hot rod
Ford 107E Prefect
Ford 3000 tractor
Ford Anglia 105E rear view
Ford Anglia 307E ice cream van
Ford Consul
Ford Consul Mk1
Ford Consul Mk2 custom
Ford Corsair
Ford Cortina Mk1 4 door
Ford Cortina Mk1 4dr
Ford Cortina Mk1 estate
Ford Cortina Mk1 two tone
Ford Cortina Mk1 V8
Ford Cortina Mk2 1600E
Ford Cortina Mk2 Crayford
Ford Cortina Mk3
Ford D series
Ford D series car transporter
Ford D Series swb
Ford Granada limousine
Ford Granada Mk2
Ford Lotus Cortina Mk2
Ford Lotus Cortina Mk2 driving
Ford Mk2 Consul
Ford Model A coupe
Ford Model A pickup
Ford Model AA pickup
Ford Model AA recovery truck
Ford Model T
Ford Model T interior
Ford Model T tourer
Ford Model T with brass rad
Ford Model Y
Ford Mustang Mach 1
Ford Thames 4D
Ford Thames 4D cab
Ford Thames 4D coach
Ford Thames 4D flat
Ford Thames 4D interior falls to pieces
Ford Thames 4D rolling chassis
Ford Thames coach
Ford Thames E83W dropside pickup
Ford Thames E83W dropside pickup rear
Ford Thames E83W front corner
Ford Thames E83W front grille view
Ford Thames E83W nsf photo
Ford Thames E83W nsr corner
Ford Thames E83W pickup
Ford Thames E83W rear view
Ford Thames E83W van front
Ford Thames E83W van rear
Ford Thames Trader tipper
Ford tractor bonnet
Ford Transit Mk1 pickup
Ford Transit Mk1 van
Ford V8 Pilot pickup
Ford V8 Pilot pickup truck
Ford V8 Pilot van
Ford V8 pilot with canvas tilt
Ford Zephyr Mk1
Ford Zephyr Mk1 estate
Ford Zephyr Mk3
Ford Zephyr Mk4
Ford Zephyr Six Mk1 Convertible
Ford Zephyr Six rally car
Ford Zodiac Mk2
Ford Zodiac Mk2 2 tone
Ford Zodiac Mk2 estate
Ford Thames 10 cwt pickup
Ford Thames 2 ton lorry
Ford Thames 300E van
Ford Thames E83W engine
Ford Thames E83W pickup
Ford Thames E83W recovery truck
Ford Thames E83W van
Ford Thames E83W van front
Ford Thames Trader flatbed
Ford Thames Trader tractor unit
Fordson 7V tractor unit
Fordson Dexta
Fordson Dexta tractor
Fordson E27N tractor
Fordson E494C 5cwt van
Fordson flatbed truck
Fordson Major tractor
Fordson Model N
Fordson Model N restored in green
Fordson Model N tractor
Fordson Model N tractor radiator
Fordson N tractor
Fordson N tractor driving along
Fordson pre-war tractor
Fordson Super Dexta
Fordson tractor
Fordson tractor ploughing
Formula Junior Car in scrutineering
Frazer Nash front end view
Frazer Nash hillclimb special
Frazer Nash sports
Frazer Nash sports car
Frazer Nash sports side view
Garage fifties style petrol pumps
Garage twenties garage
Gilbern GT Mk1 front
Gilbern GT Mk1 rear
Ginaf 6x6 truck
GMC tractor unit
Greeves Sport
Gritter lorry rusts away
Guy flatbed lorry
Guy Vixen
Guy Wolf coach
Heinkel Bubble car
Hillman Hunter
Hillman Imp
Hillman Imp racing cars
Hillman Imp saloon
Hillman Minx
Hillman Minx drives past
Hillman Minx estate
Hillman Super Minx convertible
Hotchkiss Jeep
Hotchkiss Jeep rear view
Humber Hawk
Humber Hawk 2 tone
Humber Pig
Humber Sceptre
Humber Sceptre arrow line
Humber Sceptre car
Humber Super Snipe
Humber Super Snipe limo
Indy roadster single seater
International 8-16 Junior Kerosene tractor
International tractor ploughing
Invicta Black Prince front photograph
Invicta Black Prince rear view

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