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Rare transport collectables

Buy & Sell interesting classic car, aircraft & other transport items free of charge.

This is a free-to-use new service on the recently launched Classic Wheels website, for anyone who has old vehicle collectables for sale, or is looking for old memorabilia to add to their own collection.

Anyone can place free wanted or for sale adverts easily, so long as it relates to vintage transport matters in some way.

The full category list is displayed down the lefthand side of this page, all you have to do is scroll down and find the correct page for your transport interest and click on the link. The items are grouped into types of transport, such as historic tractors, motoring, cycling and so on. Please read the disclaimer at the foot of each page before placing, or responding to, any advertisement.

Classic Wheels is being built up slowly to offer a useful service for enthusiasts of vintage and historic transport as a whole, so no matter if you're a planespotter, a trainspotter, or involved in restoring antique cars or steam locomotives, hopefully this new free ad service will be of some use.

Terms of Service This is a free service, and Classic Wheels cannot authenticate, guarantee or anything else the quality/legality or anything else of the adverts submitted to this page, or the rest of the site. Before buying anything via an ad shown at Classic Wheels it is your responsibility to vet the vendors legal right to sell whatever they are listing for sale, and your responsibility to ensure the item description is accurate. Classic Wheels cannot take any responsibility for any sold or bought via an ad placed on this website. If someone has submitted an offensive advertisement please get in touch and we will delete it from the database asap. Caveat Emptor as always! The site author reserves the right to remove any advert that has been supplied and is deemed unsuitable.