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Aviation : WW2 Aircraft Memorabilia Ads.

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Classic Wheels was launched in the summer of 2004, and caters for everyone interested in preserved and classic transport. This page is aimed at people interested in Aviation transport items, specifically WW2 Aircraft Memorabilia. Other categories in the Aviation section can be found in the main transport category list here.

If you are looking for rare WW2 Aircraft Memorabilia & collectibles to add to your own collection, or maybe you have collectable old WW2 Aircraft Memorabilia relating to this category for sale, and you'd like to advertise them? You can also research the history of WW2 Aircraft Memorabilia by placing a free ad in this Aviation category, or if you just want some general information on buying and collecting unusual WW2 Aircraft Memorabilia then by all means include it below!

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Perhaps for a birthday or to help with a project, you are looking for books and info on classic WW2 Aircraft Memorabilia, just click here to see what books Amazon has up for sale online in their Transport/Aviation section. They stock new and hard-to-find older book titles, so its worth a look to see what they have.

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Update Aug 09. Because of issues with spammers, only ads where phone numbers are given have their contact details shown.

I recommend never, ever, sending payment for any WW2 aircraft memorabilia-related items without seeing them first, and verifying the identity of the seller, and the items, in person. Sadly, as in all walks of life, not everyone online is as honest as they should be (Caveat Emptor).

Existing WW2 Aircraft Memorabilia Classifieds.

- Literature On Sale Ad. (East Kent UK - 19/10/2004 ).
Air ministary publications on aero engines 1927/1939
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (Greece - 15/5/2009 ).
I am offering for Sale a rare Fiat G50 Wing. This was a personall finding of me, during Summer 2008 on Rodi island. Most surely belongs to a Sqdr. 162 aircraft. If you are interesting, just contact me. Fotos will be also available.
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (Md - 25/5/2009 ).
I have 3 packs of original us issued air spotter cards, this came in a plain white pack with a revenue us stamp sealing the pack, the pack contains the cards and a poster with a dicription of each plane , i have 2 sealed and 1 open with pics to send
Contact at 949-842-3380

- Items For Sale Ad. (Greece - 28/5/2009 ).
For Sale a rare Fiat G50 Wing. This was found , during Summer 2008 in Rodos Greece. Most surely belongs to a Regia Aeronautica Sqdr. 162 aircraft. Fotos will be also available.
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (Evening Shade, AR - 12/11/2009 ).
WWII Japanese aircraft id cards- self-instruction training cards
Contact at 870-994-2442

- Items For Sale Ad. (Stoke on trent - 25/11/2009 ).
Ww2 helmets swords clothing etc for sale
Contact at 07828767139

- Items For Sale Ad. (Manchester - 7/12/2009 ).
Recog journals 42~45
Contact at 077372303180

- Items For Sale Ad. (New York, USA, 12590 - 29/1/2010 ).
WW2 items for Sale: Keep Em Flying Post Cards, UNUSED $10ea, 1940s dated Oxygen Flow Indicator Gauge panel mounted $20, A-12A Oxygen Regulator same type as WW2 A12 in P-51, other aircraft, 1950s dates $20, Parachute Release one on ea shoulder $20 ea
Contact at 845-298-1053

- Items For Sale Ad. (West yorkshire - 14/4/2010 ).
WW2 Noseart Panels
Contact at 07599002765

- Items For Sale Ad. (New York - 18/7/2010 ).
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (Chester - 26/7/2010 ).
Propellor for sale
Contact at 01244 351055

- Other Ad. (West Sussex - 19/10/2010 ).
Pilot leather fur lined helmet
Contact at 01293 888772

- Items For Sale Ad. (New York - 2/11/2010 ).
Contact at -

- Misc Information Ad. (Liverpool - 1/1/2011 ).
I have a number of what I believe are wheels of Spitfires
Contact at 07881662612

- Literature On Sale Ad. (Olmsted Falls, Oh. - 8/6/2012 ).
WW2 Stuff
Contact at 440-396-8237

- Items For Sale Ad. (Isle of Wight - 18/10/2014 ).
2 Spitfire bottom tanks
Contact at 01983760510

- Items For Sale Ad. (New York - 29/4/2015 ).
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (New York - 10/8/2016 ).
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (New York - 11/8/2016 ).
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (New York - 11/8/2016 ).
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (New York - 6/1/2017 ).
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (New York - 8/1/2017 ).
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (New York - 17/2/2018 ).
Contact at -

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