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Classic Wheels was launched in the summer of 2004, and caters for everyone interested in preserved and classic transport. This page is aimed at people interested in Aviation transport items, specifically Concorde Collectables. Other categories in the Aviation section can be found in the main transport category list here.

If you are looking for rare Concorde Collectables & collectibles to add to your own collection, or maybe you have collectable old Concorde Collectables relating to this category for sale, and you'd like to advertise them? You can also research the history of Concorde Collectables by placing a free ad in this Aviation category, or if you just want some general information on buying and collecting unusual Concorde Collectables then by all means include it below!

Also: The latest snapshot of Concorde collectables available to bid on today at eBay, why not have a look?

Perhaps for a birthday or to help with a project, you are looking for books and info on classic Concorde Collectables, just click here to see what books Amazon has up for sale online in their Transport/Aviation section. They stock new and hard-to-find older book titles, so its worth a look to see what they have.

To advertise your Aviation (Concorde Collectables) item(s) for sale or wanted ad, just complete the form further down this page - remember theres no charge!
Update Aug 09. Because of issues with spammers, only ads where phone numbers are given have their contact details shown.

I recommend never, ever, sending payment for any Concorde collectables-related items without seeing them first, and verifying the identity of the seller, and the items, in person. Sadly, as in all walks of life, not everyone online is as honest as they should be (Caveat Emptor).

Existing Concorde Collectables Classifieds.

- Items For Sale Ad. (Norwich Norfolk - 8/12/2004 ).
I have a geniune concorde pilots tie for sale unused still in packaging
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (Wokingham berks - 6/4/2005 ).
Silver concorde cuff-links in bag and box. made by Links
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (South east uk - 14/1/2006 ).
1977 signed print of original concorde test pilots and red arrows team
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (UK - 7/3/2006 ).
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (UK - 7/3/2006 ).
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (Britian - 15/5/2006 ).
Solid Silver Concorde Bookmark currently on ebay
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (California - 30/1/2011 ).
1973 Concorde Publiciry package,20 items
Contact at 818-942-5034

- Items For Sale Ad. (Leeds - 6/4/2011 ).
For Sale 4 Leather and Silver oncorde drinks coasters, slight tarnashing to silver which will come off with cleaning and some small nicks to coaster holder. Payment via paypal only to protect everyone! 45
Contact at 07850131052

- Items For Sale Ad. (Kettering - 29/7/2011 ).
BA official sterling silver Concorde tie clip
Contact at 01536 358665

- Items Wanted Ad. (Worcester - 6/2/2012 ).
Posters wanted, only originals of Concorde and Railway
Contact at 07816 222161

- Items For Sale Ad. (Brighton - 15/6/2012 ).
Concorde British airways original posters
Contact at 07794 264786

- Items For Sale Ad. (Brighton - 15/6/2012 ).
7 British airways original posters, Concorde and others
Contact at 07794264786

- Items For Sale Ad. (United Kingdom - 8/8/2012 ).
I have what i think is a one og ceiling light in the shape of concorde..looking to sell for right price
Contact at 07772573274

- Items For Sale Ad. (Scotland - 12/9/2012 ).
Concorde Compressor Vane.
Contact at 01667 452350

- Items For Sale Ad. (Blackpool - 14/12/2013 ).
Concorde leather wallet fiiled with menus tickets etc price on request
Contact at 01253 353233

- Items For Sale Ad. (Auckland New Zealand - 21/1/2014 ).
Concorde flght collectables,Intro, menus, wine list, flight cert, model, print,shoppong selections in folder.
Contact at 6493079303

- Items For Sale Ad. (West Midlands - 1/12/2014 ).
Leather Wallets sealed, silver photo frames, silver napkin rings and loads more
Contact at 01213532150

- Items For Sale Ad. (Great wakering essex - 1/3/2015 ).
10th Aniversary sterling silver luggage tag in box with certificate
Contact at 07553059088

- Items For Sale Ad. (London UK - 5/10/2015 ).
1976 Knife, Fork & Spoon (C & Crown on handle) silver plated prefer used items not new.
Contact at 0208- 657- 2772

- Items Wanted Ad. (London, UK - 5/10/2015 ).
Please ignore sale item wanted only 1976 Knife, Fork & Desert Spoon silver plated (C & Crown on handles), prefer used items not new
Contact at 0208-657-2772

- Other Ad. (Los Angeles CA - 7/11/2015 ).
Trying to verify \Signal D Alarme\ instruction metal plate is from the Concorde. Plate has 5 different lang
Contact at (562) 221-3023

- Items For Sale Ad. (Cardiff s wales - 29/11/2015 ).
Concorde headscarf
Contact at 07593275318

- Items For Sale Ad. (Birmingham - 20/1/2016 ).
Grey concorde wallet containing pressure sox,,stationary entertainment guide car sticker etc ect all in exellent condition
Contact at 07341334451

- Items For Sale Ad. (Ilminster, SOmerset - 2/7/2016 ).
- a FAN BLADE - in Titanium - 7 \ long - 2\ wide
Contact at 07891461777

- Items For Sale Ad. (New York - 8/1/2017 ).
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (New York - 19/5/2017 ).
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (New York - 19/5/2017 ).
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (Southampton - 11/10/2017 ).
Woodcarving of concord
Contact at 07988315962

- Items For Sale Ad. (New York - 17/2/2018 ).
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (Cumbria UK - 30/5/2018 ).
Boxed set of solid silver Decanter labels recieved when I flew on concorde in 1986, can provide photo copy of plane ticket as proof
Contact at 016973 24496

- Items For Sale Ad. (Hampshire - 15/8/2018 ).
Concord menu signed by The PGA RYDERCUP TEAM 1989 New York -Birmingham 1989
Contact at 01452547422

- Items For Sale Ad. (Wiltshire - 28/10/2018 ).
Genuine Concorde radio-altimeter
Contact at 07835 845578

- Items For Sale Ad. (Avondown Road SP48ET - 2/12/2018 ).
100% genuine Concorde radio-altimeter
Contact at 07835 845578

- Items For Sale Ad. (Avondown Road SP48ET - 2/12/2018 ).
100% genuine Concorde radio-altimeter
Contact at 07835 845578

- Items For Sale Ad. (Alcester, Warwickshire, England - 2/1/2019 ).
An unopened exclusive gift to a B.A. passenger on concorde of a pure cashmere scarf with the gift card. In perfect condition. Selling for charity
Contact at 07980478459 or +441789 762169

- Items For Sale Ad. (Romford essex - 6/3/2019 ).
Brandy port whiskey gin decanter labels original box and papers 1986. Excellent condition they just need cleaning and the port label chain needs fixing. Four of them 150.00
Contact at 07944080428

- Items For Sale Ad. (Romford essex - 6/3/2019 ).
Brandy port whiskey gin decanter labels original box and papers 1986. Excellent condition they just need cleaning and the port label chain needs fixing. Four of them 150.00
Contact at 07944080428

- Items For Sale Ad. (Delaware, USA - 24/5/2019 ).
Empty champagne bottle Concord, 1979 $300.
Contact at 302 376-5019

- Items Wanted Ad. (London - 29/5/2019 ).
Concorde cockpit instrumentation and panels wanted
Contact at 07397077001

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