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Classic Wheels was launched in the summer of 2004, and caters for everyone interested in preserved and classic transport. This page is aimed at people interested in Aviation transport items, specifically Airline Memorabilia. Other categories in the Aviation section can be found in the main transport category list here.

If you are looking for rare Airline Memorabilia & collectibles to add to your own collection, or maybe you have collectable old Airline Memorabilia relating to this category for sale, and you'd like to advertise them? You can also research the history of Airline Memorabilia by placing a free ad in this Aviation category, or if you just want some general information on buying and collecting unusual Airline Memorabilia then by all means include it below!

Also: The latest snapshot of airline memorabilia available to bid on today at eBay, why not have a look?

Perhaps for a birthday or to help with a project, you are looking for books and info on classic Airline Memorabilia, just click here to see what books Amazon has up for sale online in their Transport/Aviation section. They stock new and hard-to-find older book titles, so its worth a look to see what they have.

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Update Aug 09. Because of issues with spammers, only ads where phone numbers are given have their contact details shown.

I recommend never, ever, sending payment for any airline memorabilia-related items without seeing them first, and verifying the identity of the seller, and the items, in person. Sadly, as in all walks of life, not everyone online is as honest as they should be (Caveat Emptor).

Existing Airline Memorabilia Classifieds.

- Items For Sale Ad. (Kenilworth - 27/9/2004 ).
Scottish aviation brochure on \twin Pioneer\for sale offers?
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (Camabridge, UK - 21/10/2005 ).
Old style Aeroflot pilots uniform, jacket, trousers.cap + greatcoat +raincoat.
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (Cambridge, UK. - 21/10/2005 ).
Older style Aeroflot pilots uniform complete apart from shirts! Also, my ex-Laker Airways Flight Engineer jacket and similar for Tradewinds Airways.
Contact at -

- Literature On Sale Ad. (Cambridge,UK. - 21/10/2005 ).
Bundle of my Laker memorabilia, includes: newspapers declaring us defunct, stickers, sick bags, flight planning folder, other bits PLUS copies of my log book entries for my time on A300s with Laker.
Contact at -

- Misc Information Ad. (Usa - 20/1/2006 ).
X15 retro motor and development of motor picks my grand father gave me all real from reaction motors.
Contact at -

- Items Wanted Ad. (Somerset - 15/10/2007 ).
WANTED! Any airline Stewardess uniforms ANY DATE! plase CONTACT!! Also any airline memrobilia from 1940 to 1989!
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (Palm springs - 6/4/2008 ).
Chris call me psa f/a
Contact at 7605345873

- Items For Sale Ad. (Preston england - 2/10/2008 ).
BIA brown vynl handbad withorange stripe and white BIA letters
Contact at 07712214522

- Items For Sale Ad. (Feltham middlesex - 25/8/2009 ).
Loads of aviation items for sale. need a quick sale
Contact at 07824808401

- Literature On Sale Ad. (Ware england - 8/9/2009 ).
1st and second copies of uzbekistan airlines inflight magazines 1993
Contact at 01920420623

- Items For Sale Ad. (Kent, england - 5/12/2009 ).
Miscellaneous Timetables and pamphlets relating to Imperial Airways, BOAC, Railway Services, Ferry Services, Scotch Airways dating from 1935 up to the 1970s
Contact at 01580 240071

- Items For Sale Ad. (GEORGIA - 15/9/2010 ).
Contact at 770-262-6010

- Items For Sale Ad. (Kent - 13/10/2010 ).
Miscellaneous airline memorabilia for sale, mainly from first class in the 80s and 90s
Contact at 01892 529991

- Items For Sale Ad. (Banbury oxon Uk - 16/11/2010 ).
For Sale Laker Airways Skytrain large Model Aeroplane on a stand.(Used for exhibiting in travel agents windows) Offers over £150
Contact at 01295 252727

- Items For Sale Ad. (United Kingdom - 25/11/2010 ).
Contact at 07708633181

- Items Wanted Ad. (Uk - 6/4/2011 ).
Wanted~ Brit Airways/BOAC promo film Return To Eden 1973
Contact at 0117 970 9287

- Literature On Sale Ad. (Cornwall, UK. - 5/5/2011 ).
British European Airways Viscount 802 & 806 Operations Manual For Sale.
Contact at 07517 252508

- Items For Sale Ad. (Uk - 7/9/2011 ).
Only 2 in existance world wide C.F.S Badge that have actually been fitted and flown on a Red Arrow Gnat this one was removed from XS 107 on 28/7/1975 and was flown by F/L L/T Roy Barber who flew this aircraft Red 9 in his first year with the team
Contact at 01453791175

- Items For Sale Ad. (South Florida - 17/10/2011 ).
3 LAKER AIRWAYS amenity bags white with red lettering-unused
Contact at 954-491-4055

- Misc Information Ad. (United States - 31/12/2011 ).
Rare Eastern Airlines Glass - Info wanted!
Contact at 703-998-2578

- Items For Sale Ad. (London - 31/1/2012 ).
Lufthansa time table 1936. With reference to Olympic Games, Zeppelin flights. Last one produced before WW2 !
Contact at 07810 718931

- Items For Sale Ad. (West sussex - 17/5/2012 ).
Laker Airways captains hat badge never been used
Contact at 01243604407

- Items For Sale Ad. (Herefordshire - 13/9/2012 ).
10 Cast statue of early Pilot holding Prop
Contact at 01989567935

- Items For Sale Ad. (Cam, Gloucestershire - 8/11/2012 ).
CENTRAL AFRICAN AIRWAYS and AIR RHODESIA \Transit Cards\, thick, durable plastic, excellent condition, extremely rare FOR SALE to best bidder.
Contact at 07852458077

- Items For Sale Ad. (London - 9/11/2012 ).
Laker cabin and toiletry bag still in original packaging
Contact at 07956102989

- Items For Sale Ad. (Portland or - 13/11/2012 ).
I have a ton of vintage airline, world hotel, cigar advertisement roller rink, stickers and decals, large rare collection of decals
Contact at 971-200-0772

- Items For Sale Ad. (Southampton - 2/3/2013 ).
BOAC VC10 Pure Silk Scarf
Contact at 07544658618

- Items For Sale Ad. (Kent/Surrey/Sussex border - 31/7/2013 ).
2 Laker Airways ties inc Skytrain
Contact at 07738875884

- Items For Sale Ad. (Macon, GA - 15/7/2014 ).
Delta Airline Cups for Sale. Large collection. Call 478-951-6603 or 478-956-2057
Contact at 478-951-6603

- Items For Sale Ad. (North scotland - 27/3/2015 ).
I have loganair mugs with different loganair aircraft on each and loganair 25 anniversary crystal glasses
Contact at 07840400728

- Items For Sale Ad. (San antonio, tx - 24/9/2015 ).
Calder Flying Colors Braniff lithograph signed
Contact at 2106806434

- Items For Sale Ad. (San antonio, tx - 24/9/2015 ).
Vol 6, # 12 Flying Colors Braniff Travel Magazine 1978
Contact at 2106806434

- Items For Sale Ad. (San antonio, tx - 24/9/2015 ).
Conquest Airlines Coaster
Contact at 2106806434

- Items For Sale Ad. (Cornwall UK - 4/3/2016 ).
Laker Airways Skytraintravel bag. in good condition
Contact at 07804380619

- Items For Sale Ad. (Ireland - 9/8/2016 ).
1960s Dublin /Cork / Shannon Leaflets. see Donedeal.ie /hobbies
Contact at +353894477513

- Items For Sale Ad. (Ireland - 9/8/2016 ).
Aerlingus Vintage Photos published by Aer Rianta 1960s
Contact at +353894477513

- Items For Sale Ad. (Wishaw, Scotland - 24/8/2016 ).
Laker Airways Skytrain DC10 Original Company Model, Length, nose to tail 22\ inches, 57 centimeters, Height, ground to tail 12 1/2\ inches, 32 centimeters, Wingspan, 19 1/2\ inches, 49.5 centimeters
Contact at +441698597443

- Items For Sale Ad. (New York - 31/12/2016 ).
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (New York - 2/1/2017 ).
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (New York - 3/1/2017 ).
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (New York - 8/1/2017 ).
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (Windsor ont.canada - 5/3/2017 ).
1909copper bleriot
Contact at 519-2527593

- Items For Sale Ad. (Atlanta - 5/3/2017 ).
Eastern art prints
Contact at 678 699 5107

- Items For Sale Ad. (South Australia - 27/5/2017 ).
1960-70 BOAC pottery mug,TAP Twin pack playing cards unopened, Finnair Composite pack South African Airways Ostrich skin wallet unused inoriginal pack,1970-80 Mens Tie British Airways. Mens Tie Ansett Airlines. Photos available
Contact at 0449677337

- Items For Sale Ad. (South Australia - 27/5/2017 ).
1960-70 BOAC pottery mug,TAP Twin pack playing cards unopened, Finnair Composite pack South African Airways Ostrich skin wallet unused inoriginal pack,1970-80 Mens Tie British Airways. Mens Tie Ansett Airlines. Photos available
Contact at 0449677337

- Other Ad. (California - 2/9/2017 ).
Any info on Sun Pacific Air ca.1981
Contact at 562 209-2729

- Items For Sale Ad. (Pembrokeshire - 22/9/2017 ).
boac/vc10 poster 20x10 ft
Contact at 07766605400

- Items For Sale Ad. (New York - 21/10/2017 ).
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (New York - 18/2/2018 ).
Contact at -

- Items For Sale Ad. (Florida - 10/10/2018 ).
90’s united airlines. McDonald’s kids meal toys.KIDS WINGS. 1st class n business class amenities bags. Paper cups napkins n lots more
Contact at 9546688710

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