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This new website is for everyone who restores or is interested in classic cars, aircraft, lorries, motorcycles and other examples of historic motor vehicle, whether used on the road, circuit, air or even field!
There are several thousand pages within the pages of Classic Wheels UK. The Transport Photos section contains over 900 photos of restored and unrestored old cars and trucks. If you are looking to buy presents, or need tools for your rebuild project, you can find information on tools that are available from specialist tool suppliers. Perhaps you collect memorabilia related to motorsport, or classic cars in general, in which case the Classic Motorshop is the place for great models, posters, books and more, all of which can be found on this site.

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A free section for advertising classic car spare parts is proving popular, and enables owners of older cars to list things they no longer need, or parts that are needed, totally free. The photo gallery has also been expanded to over 900 photographs showing old lorries, cars, steam cars, traction engines, tractors and loads more.

My own automobile collecting habits
The Ashley 1172 coupe I owned a few years ago
I started my association with classic cars at about 15 years of age, when dad in his (in)finite wisdom decided to acquire a semi-derelict little Triumph sportscar to fettle up. Not long after he passed it over to me and I began to teach myself about the delights of seized and rusted up mechanicals, terminally corroded bodywork and non-existent trim. Although being a long way from a properly restored classic car, that first foray into older vehicles taught me a lot and I had a lot of fun with KED 453F before it made way for further decrepit old hulks in later years. Through the eighties and nineties, and into the new millenium, an array of assorted classic cars and trucks have left their mark on my driveway. Some are still with me, such as an Austin A40 Farina and the previous Devon model, a WW2 era Dodge lorry, a Standard Ten Companion, and a couple of pre-war cars.

Others old motors have been and gone, some to be restored and others have disappeared into the ether to have never been heard of again! What for instance ever happened to my old dark blue XJ12L, Series 1, registered RAR 115L? that was sold in 1995 and went over to the Wirral somewhere. GRO 536G, a 2.5 litre Mk3 Spitfire went upto Clitheroe and has not been heard of again, and whatever happened to semi-derelict old Vauxhall 12hp AND 300 I'll probably never know.

A '54 Austin A40 Somerset that I ran a few years back. Not the most reliable car I ever owned, and was sold to fund the purchase of the Ashley special
Some did however go on to good things. Probably the best outcome was with the old two stroke SAAB van I rescued from near-certain extinction in the very early nineties - only 3 were imported by SAAB GB for their dealers to use, and the one I rescued was the sole survivor. It changed hands a few times since and has gone on to be restored back to its former glory. LNB 50G, a 2dr green Volvo 122S went on to be restored too, but I'm not sure what happened to one of the other Amazons I once owned, YKA 750J which was a dark blue 4dr 121 example.

The classic cars etc I still own
1940 Dodge
This old lorry was built late in 1940, and came over to the UK from Detroit as a chassis-cab, originally destined for France. However due to them being invaded early in WW2, this Dodge was taken on by the UK. This example was bodied by Mulliners of Birmingham as a crew-bus for the RAF. Postwar it was used to carry a 1930s Alfa Romeo racing car. Restoration was 99% complete by mid-2012.
1960 Austin A40
This little old A40 Farina was bought new by my great-uncle in 1960, and spent most of its life pottering around the lanes of Devon. In 1987 I took on this classic Austin car, and after passing my driving test in it in '87, used it for many years as my daily car. The years have taken their toll, and I am looking for front wing repair panels.
1925 Dodge Four
Built in Detroit, the chassis and front panelwork was shipped to Australia, where it was bodied as a tourer by local coachbuilders. It was exported to the UK in 2009, and requires minor fettling before will return to the road.
1934 Morris Minor
I bought this two-door saloon a few years ago, and it's used regularly for local shows, tours and on the occasional shopping run too. It was restored prior to me buying it, perhaps 8-10 years or so ago.
1932 Morris Minor
Another sidevalve-powered Minor, this one a two-seater that I bought several years back from a lady who'd owned it since the 1960s. I've had it running but it'll need more tidying before it'll return to the road once more. Now green, when new this car was black.

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